October 3 2015, 9:00-15:30

Sala Alessi, Palazzo Marino
Piazza della Scala, 2, 20121 Milan

The Sala Alessi is the current reception hall where international guests to the city are greeted. The ceiling have frescos and stuccos with the Marriage of Cupid and Psyche by Andrea Semini and Ottavio Semini.

The four corners of the ceiling were also decorated with paintings by Aurelio Busso representing the Four Seasons. Further frescos as well as bas reliefs decorated the walls, with mythological themes such as the Muses, Bacchus, Apollo and Mercury by Ottavio Semini. The reliefs depict the story of Perseus.


October 2 2015, 20:00

QC Officina
Viale Filippetti 41 – 20122 Milano

Inside Milan’s ancient Spanish walls, a warm welcome in one of the oldest and most elegant Liberty-style buildings in Milan: built at the end of the 1800’s by the Milan Transport Agency as a station and deposit for horse-drawn trams.

Since the 1950’s the building has been known as the “golden spider” due to the prize awarded to the winner of a singing competition held within its walls.
QC Termemilano has been erected on a site of rich historical value: its gardens are surrounded by Spanish walls, erected between 1548 and 1562 by order of Ferrante I Gonzaga, governor of the city at the time when Milan was under Spanish control.


October 3 2015, 20:00

Ristorante Filippo La Mantia
Piazza Risorgimento (angolo Via Poerio 2/A), 20129 Milano

The internationally known Sicilian chef – or host & cook, as he calls himself – Filippo La Mantia has transformed the ex Gold Restaurant of Dolce&Gabbana in his “home”, a restaurant on two floors, where you can feel free to move from a place to another, eating when and what you wish in that moment, no troubles if you desire to have breakfast in the evening or to fine dining in the morning. Just ask.


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